Get Laid On Reddit With DirtyKikPals

Reddit is a great place to find people who want to get off with you. There are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to sex, and many of them have thousands of members. You can chat with as many or as few people as you like — there’s no pressure, just come on in, say hi, and maybe make some friends.

What is DirtyKikPals?

If you’re looking for an easy way to find your next hookup, then check out r/DirtyKikPals. It’s a huge subreddit that has more than 400,000 subscribers, and you can learn more about DirtyKikPals here. The main purpose is to help Reddit users find other people on Kik who want to sext. But there are also threads where people share pictures, stories, and videos. If you’re into something kinky, this is the place to go!

How does it work?

Just browse through all of the posts in the subreddit. When you see someone whose username matches what you’re looking for, send them a message. They’ll likely be happy to talk with you about anything sexual. And if they aren’t… well, just move on down the page until you find another username that catches your eye! There’s no pressure here; just enjoy yourself and have fun.

Sexting With DirtyKikPals

The biggest advantage to using r/DirtyKikPals is that there are so many different users posting every day looking to sext with strangers. That means that there’s always a lot of new content to look at. So don’t think you’ve seen everything already — you haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

And since there are so many users, you won’t feel like you’re bothering anyone when you send them messages. Everyone will be eager to get back to you, and they’ll do their best to keep you interested. No one wants to lose a potential hookup! Don’t worry about hurting feelings — the purpose of r/DirtyKikPals is to get dirty. If you’re not ready for that, then you might want to try somewhere else.

Don’t send any personal information or photos unless you’re really sure you know who you’re talking to. Remember that these are random strangers, so be careful who you give your Kik username to. It sounds obvious, but it’s definitely worth repeating.

Getting Laid With Dirty Kik Pals

When you use DirtyKikPals, you’re going to meet tons of different people who want to talk dirty to you. Some will be young and inexperienced, while others will be experienced and insatiable. You’ll find lots of guys and girls who want to trade nudes, show off their bodies, and more. Just make sure you’re safe and smart about it.

As I mentioned above, you shouldn’t give out any personal details until you’re totally comfortable. Once you know each other better, you can exchange phone numbers and other contact info. But don’t do that too quickly, or you could end up putting yourself in an unsafe situation.

Now that you understand how to use r/DirtyKikPals, here are a few tips for getting laid on Kik.

1. Have Fun!

Remember that this isn’t a job interview — it’s supposed to be fun! If you’re having a good time, your partner will probably have a good time, too. Just relax, let your inhibitions go, and explore your sexuality!

2. Be Patient

You might not get lucky right away. Some people spend hours messaging back and forth before they finally agree to meet up. Others may never actually agree to meet up, no matter how long you wait. But don’t give up on them! Keep sending messages, and eventually you’ll find someone who is excited to meet you.

3. Know Your Limits

Be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to do. If you’re into stuff that makes you uncomfortable, you should tell whoever you’re sexting with that right away.

4. Get Out More Often

The more often you use Kik, the easier it will be to find people who want to meet up. As I said before, the community is massive, which means there are literally thousands of people you could hook up with. Give it a shot, and you’ll see why so many people love Kik!


Whether you’re looking to get laid on Kik, or just looking to chat with new people, r/DirtyKikPals is a great place to start. It’s an incredibly active subreddit that has helped countless people find their next hookups. So what are you waiting for? Go join the party!

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