5 Real Reasons You Still Use Tinder

5 Real Reasons You Still Use Tinder

If you’re looking for love and using Tinder, honey you’re looking in the wrong place. This sorry excuse for a dating app has taken a turn for the worse, and there are a limited amount of justifiable reasons why it’s still installed on your phone.

If you’re actively swiping for any other reasons listed, you should probably start getting used to the single life.


Who doesn’t like many egos boosting messages from questionably attractive guys? You know for damn sure that you don’t look like your edited and filtered photos, but they don’t need to know that. There is no chance in hell you’re actually going to meet up with these people, but it’s nice to know they’ve been staring at your pictures long enough to comment on them.

The funny part is you don’t even respond acting flattered; you’ve gotten so many you shrug and wait for the next match to shower you in cliché flattery.


You’ve scrolled through every possible newsfeed on every social media platform so why not check the old Tinder out? It’s come to the point where you see how fast you can swipe left, not even paying attention the photos anymore.

You simply what to swipe so much you don’t have any more users in your surrounding location to feel accomplished for the day. Like, “ Oh well, you can’t say I’m not trying!” Taking .02 seconds to swipe left on people has become a routine the second you hit the boredom stage.


You’re drunk and horny so why the hell does not hop on the most ratchet hook up app of all? Half of the time you don’t even end up meeting up with them, but it’s nice to know that you have the option if you really wanted.

Plus it’s a good way to get some sexting conversations going on because anyone on this app that late at night is definitely not looking for a ‘true connection.’

4. Small Talk:

You haven’t talked to anyone besides your two friends and family the past month, so you need to switch things up.

Tinder is the first place to go to have mindless, unintellectual conversations that pass the time. You start going back to your past matches and respond because you really want someone to talk to, even if you’ve been blatantly ignoring them for the past six months.

5. Mockery:

If you can honestly say that you haven’t screenshotted someone’s embarrassing profile and sent it to your squad, you have a really kind soul.

The sad part is that the majority of people you’re making fun of are completely serious but common?
Who in their right mind posts fully naked photos, especially being linked to Facebook!

Thankfully they changed that feature, allowing camera roll photos to be uploaded but Tinder bachelors and bachelorettes are getting scarier by the day, so why not take a gander to make you feel about yourself.

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