3 Times You’re Almost Cheating

3 Times You’re Almost Cheating

There are alternatives to cheating and maybe your partner feel insecure and paranoid to the point of accusation. No one likes to compete in a relationship, and if you partake in any of these things, then you should probably stop before your ass gets dumped. Just because it’s not technically cheating, it’s almost cheating which might as well be the same damn thing.

1. Checking Someone Out:

If your eyes aren’t constantly on the prize and searching for the next best thing, then you’re obviously unhappy. There’s no surprise that there are many attractive people in this world, but if you’re devoted to one, then you should probably keep your eyes to yourself, especially if you’re out and about with your partner.

Giving someone the eye and eye fucking them as they walk away is basically undressing them with your eyes and thinking about someone else sexually other than the person you’re in a relationship with. We are all human and have fantasy’s and sexual attractions but there’s no need to make it that obvious, especially in public.

Steer clear from the sexual stare downs and stop acting like you’re on the market searching for your next victim when you do indeed already have one.

2. Entertaining The Idea:

It’s nice to know you still got the game when you’re taken, especially if you’ve been off the market for awhile. If you’re a hot commodity people are still going to hit on you regardless if you’re taken but there is a fine line between being flattered and encouraging the compliments.

Don’t lead people on with no intentions just because you’re getting a big head and like the idea of being wanted even though you’re taken. More than likely you’ll piss your partner off with all the flirting, and the other people liked the idea of you and didn’t want actually to pursue something.

People tend to be more attractive when they’re off the market because you can’t have them, that doesn’t mean it’s the same when you’re finally single. Don’t forget that before you dig yourself into a hole.

3.Social Media Flirting:

It’s nice to throw out compliments every here and there but when you make it a habit then that’s where you need to draw the line. If you’re constantly liking, commenting, messaging other people besides your partner, regardless of the intent of meeting up, you might as well just follow through with it.

It’s also a precarious move on your part if you do partake in these type of cheating wives games because newsfeeds don’t like and will most likely out you before you know it. Also, your partner has multiple eyes on the internet looking out for them, such as friends and family, so don’t get blasted online because you thought social media flirting wasn’t that big of a deal.
These things can be harmless at times, but just remember that you shouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t want your partner to be doing.

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