I know SnapChat sexting can be a little tempting because you’re already sending pics that can easily lead to sexual conversations but don’t do it!

Social media platforms are the last place to continue risky business and the first place they will go viral!

1. Sending it to the wrong person:

It’s humiliating enough when you accidentally send an ugly face snap chat to your crush when it was meant for your best friend. It is a way to easy to send it to the wrong person because snap names start getting mixed up and mindlessly send it to your entire best friend list.

It’s a little too easy to send pictures or messages to the wrong people, and everybody knows you have everyone in your contact list on your snap.

It’s better to be safe than sorry because no one wants their nudes splattered over the next “SnapChat Fail” articles.

It won’t even matter if you automatically delete and block the person you accidentally sent it to, they will still get it and you will still be mortified.
2. Adding it to your SnapStory:

I have various experiences of accidentally posting a personal snap to my story on a foolish whim, whether it was slightly touching the ‘add to story’ button on the bottom of the picture or selecting it as an option before sending it out. It doesn’t matter how long that story has been on there; someone saw it because everyone is glued to their phones.

Even after deleting it, SnapChat takes it sweet ass time following through, and by that time it’s too late because people are screenshotting the shit out of your slip up.

The fact that you’re taking a seductive picture with the chance of it being mass sent and seen by all of your contacts is horrifying and not worth the risk.

The option alone is too mortifying, so save the sexual stuff for actual text messaging rather than an app that can easily glitch and ruin your life.

3. Getting Screenshotted:

If you’re sending nudes over snap chat, then you probably don’t even have this person’s number because why wouldn’t you be doing it over that?

Hopefully, you’re smart enough to hide your face, but people’s screenshotting skills have improved, even if you send it for a mere second. If there is a will, there is a way for people to see that naughty pic just one more time, and just like that you’ve been replayed!

Chances are if you don’t trust the person enough to sext with your actual phone numbers, they won’t have your best interest in mind when they’re mass sending it to every horny bastard in their contacts.

Even if you’re sending a little teaser, don’t be surprised if they’re being screenshotted and saved in a personal horny album for their weekly pleasures.  But, if this article did not convince you, and you’re fully intent on snapchat sexting, then check out snapsex.co the #1 snap sexting community on the web.

Or, if you want to learn more- check out the video below!